FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for our Knitted Blankets

 Here are some common questions answered:

What sizes do your blankets come in?

Our woven weighted blankets come in all standard US bed sizes!
Blanket type My weight Blanket Weight  Blanket Dimensions
Twin 110-130 lbs 11 lbs 38" x 75"
Full 198-218 lbs 18 lbs 54" x 74"
Queen 220- 240 lbs 20 lbs 60" x 80"
King  242- 262 lbs 24 lbs 76" x 80"

What are your blankets made of?

Our knitted weighted blanket utilise only the highest quality materials. The inside of the chunky weighted blanket is made up of layers of eco-friendly recycled polyester. This weighted material is fully encased in sheets of super-soft, sustainably sourced cotton. Thanks to our soft cotton the knitted blanket is suitable for sensitive skin!

How do I wash my blanket?

If it fits, machine wash our knitted weighted blanket on delicate mode, below 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If it doesn’t fit in your machine, gently hand wash with cold water, below 86 degrees. Dry flat and let the US weather dry it for you!